Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

What Is CBT?

Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment found to be effective in treating many mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol, and drug addiction, eating disorders, and more. CBT is a treatment modality founded to create meaningful change in people's lives. With ample scientific evidence, CBT confirms its value to the mental health field.

CBT identifies several core principles:

Psychological problems are affected by faulty or unhealthy thinking patterns.
Psychological problems are partly learned patterns that develop into unhelpful behavior
Those suffering from psychological problems can learn more effective ways to cope; therefore, alleviating their symptoms and functioning at a higher level

CBT treatment may include efforts to alter ones thinking patterns. Examples of these strategies may include:

Learning to recognize unhealthy thinking patterns (cognitive distortions) and how they are creating problems in their lives
Learning problem-solving skills to make effective and healthy decisions
Learning to develop confidence in oneself
Learning how their body responds to their thoughts and negative emotions

CBT can also incorporate meaningful behavioral changes:

Facing fears rather than avoiding them
Learning to conquer things independently without safety behaviors
Learning to lean into discomfort rather than running from it
Improving on ‘distress tolerance', having the ability to feel negative and uncomfortable emotions but still move forward despite these

At CalmOCD, the therapist will work with the patient as a team to develop a deep understanding of their struggles and barriers preventing them from feeling better.

Based on this information, the therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan. The goal is to help patients become their own therapists so they can implement meaningful skills for the rest of their lives. CBT emphasizes continuing the therapeutic process outside of the session and the value of completing homework exercises. At CalmOCD, our therapists remind patients that we only see them for a limited time during their week, so the real work happens when they are utilizing their skills outside of the session.

CBT is scientifically supported and found to be very effective in treating OCD and anxiety. CBT incorporates a broad range of therapeutic interventions that can be helpful in the treatment of all anxiety disorders.

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