Home Visits

CalmOCD offers a variety of treatment options byproviding in-home therapy sessions when requested.

Due to how OCD/anxiety operates, triggers within the person's home are common, leaving the OCD sufferer avoiding and doing rituals within their home.


Doing in-home sessions provides a unique opportunity for patients to receive one-on-one personalized care where it matters the most- their homes.

Home visits are helpful for those who have OCD/anxiety triggers in their homes and struggle to face them on their own. The therapist will help guide in conquering their fears and support them in embracing their anxiety along the way.


CalmOCD has had the opportunity to assist patients in so many different types of home exposures. Some common examples are included below:

  • Throwing out items
  • Exposures with family members or family members items
  • Assisting in cleaning with chemicals and not doing compulsions
  • Assisting in making meals and resisting compulsions after
  • Spending time in areas of the home they have been avoiding
  • Assisting in cleaning the home without doing compulsions
  • Contamination-type exposures within the home
  • Bringing in items from the outside that are feared due to some sort of contamination
  • Exposures with pets
  • Exposures with clothes
And many more based on the individual's needs

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