Health Concern OCD

OCD Subtype

What is Health Concern OCD?

Those suffering with Health Concern OCD, have obsessional thoughts around developing illness and disease. Even when the person knows there is a small likelihood, or when the fears are irrational and exaggerated the drive to do compulsions is still strong. When these individuals feel body sensations their brains will provide them with the “worst case scenario” which will then lead them to perform compulsions based on their fear response.
Health Concern OCD

Common Obsessions

  • Fear of getting HIV, cancer, or any other life-threatening medical condition
  • Fears of having brain tumor
  • Fear of pneumonia or lung cancer
  • Fear of an STD
  • Fear of having a heart attack
  • Fears around having an illness and not being able to cope or function

Health Concern OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Multiple visits to their doctor’s office or going to different medical professionals  
  • Repeatedly examining themselves for symptoms
  • Taking preventative measures to reduce risk of developing an illness
  • Only eating healthy or “clean” foods
  • Excessive work-out and wellness routine
  • Having others examine them and areas they are concerned with
  • Excessive researching online or avoidance of medical information all together
  • Repeatedly seeking more advanced testing
  • Getting multiple medical examinations for one of their alleged conditions
  • Avoiding people, objects, or situations where they may by exposed to diseases
  • Providing themselves constant reassurance or seeking reassurance from others
  • Constant rumination (problem solving) to determine what their symptoms could mean
  • Rumination about what they will do if they fall ill

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