(SPACE) – which stands for Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions, is an evidence-based parenting program that aids parents of children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD, and related issues.

A unique, parent-based intervention, SPACE provides parents of anxious children with specific tools to implement at home. This model is unique, as children do not have to participate in treatment because parents can learn new ways to interact with their children helping to reduce their symptoms. This treatment approach acknowledges the role parents play in helping their children manage their anxiety.
What Is space?

SPACE is a systematic program developed by Dr. Eli Lebowitz at the Yale Child Study Center.

The program teaches parents how to respond to their child’s anxiety supportively and appropriately through changes in their own behavior. Many parents engage in accommodating behaviors to help prevent their children from experiencing emotional distress. One of the primary targets of SPACE is family accommodation or parent accommodations (FA). It’s very normal for parents to spend time shielding their children from experiencing emotional distress. However, when this occurs highly anxious children do not get an opportunity to learn to manage their own distress and deal with day-to-day triggers. Children also miss out on developing their own confidence around conquering hard things.

What is family accommodation?

FA encompasses all the changes a parent makes as a response to their child’s anxiety, with the intention to relieve their child’s distress. For example, answering your child’s repetitive anxious questions, modifying family schedules or routines, refraining from using certain words and many more. Paradoxically, however, these family accommodations reinforce and increase the child’s anxiety long term. The good news is, because of this – you are a major part of the solution!

At CalmOCD, your therapist will assist you step by step with detailed guidance and practical suggestions while teaching you how to replace these accommodating behaviors with supportive responses that illicit both acceptance of your child’s anxiety coupled with confidence in their ability to cope.

Parents are introduced to ways to begin rephrasing statements and communicating to their child in language that is supportive and instilling confidence in their child. Instead of saying, “That is not really scary,” they may say, “It may be scary, but I know you can do it.” Common barriers and parenting traps will be addressed and resolved as a team to give your child the most effective treatment the whole family deserves.

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