Mindfulness-Based Therapy

What Is MBT?

The term ‘mindfulness’ in the context of cognitive-behavioral therapy for OCD refers to paying attention to the present moment without passing judgment.

Including the presence of thoughts, feelings, and sensations which most often with OCD are unwanted. Since OCD sufferers have internal experiences, they view as inherently wrong or bad, mindfulness is difficult to practice. The goal is to not control thoughts by judging, fighting, or attempting to push them away. As OCD sufferers know, fighting thoughts only reinforces OCD.

Practices like meditation can help OCD sufferers to allow their thoughts and feelings to be there and offer themselves an opportunity to welcome whatever thoughts emerge without judgment and without engaging in compulsive behaviors.

After noticing the mind has wandered, the goal is to gently bring yourself back to the present moment. Meditation takes lots of practice but is a great tool because it teaches OCD sufferers they do not need to ruminate about the past or the future, as only the present moment matters.

Often OCD sufferers are very fused with their thoughts and believe that simply having a thought means there is an extreme threat and must act on it immediately.

The brain will also convince them their thoughts have significant value and must figure out why they had these and what they mean. With mindfulness, we want people to identify feelings and sensations as observations and allow them to gently pass. A commonly used metaphor in this practice is the example of sitting on a train platform and watching trains go by without attempting to board them.

At CalmOCD, mindfulness-based therapy is incorporated throughout patients’ treatment.

It compliments all the other treatment modalities used and helps patients practice self-compassion. Once OCD sufferers understand they do not need to judge, analyze, or figure out their thoughts and feelings they can be kinder to themselves and offer self-compassion in its place.

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