Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

What Is DBT?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment with a strong educational component designed to help individuals develop skills for managing intense emotions and navigating social relationships.

DBT used in conjunction with other treatment modalities for OCD can assist in managing symptoms.

The ‘dialectic’ in dialectical behavior therapy acknowledges that life is complex and continuously aimed at balancing the existence of two opposites. First, acceptance of their experiences and behaviors are valid, and second, the ability to change and manage these emotions and behaviors.

DBT has four primary skill sets:


Distress Tolerance –
Distress tolerance skills help individuals manage overwhelming emotions by helping get “back to baseline” so they can problem solve and think clearly.


Emotional Regulation –
Works to provide education on how emotions work and to develop skills to help manage these emotions. Individuals learn to reduce vulnerability to intense negative emotions while building positive emotional experiences.


Interpersonal Effectiveness –
Refers to building skills to help communicate with others in our lives. The goal is to strengthen relationships and create and maintain balance within these relationships.


Mindfulness –
Mindfulness improves people’s ability to stay in the present moment. When you can embrace the present moment and accept the current situation, it reduces struggles and improves overall well-being.

DBT skills in OCD treatment can help individuals be more mindful of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that emerge and create self-confidence within the individual.

These skills also aid in helping the individual accept and navigate their symptoms in a healthy manner. DBT also encourages individuals to tolerate uncomfortable situations instead of avoiding them. Reinforcing the concept of moving toward distress and not away from it compliments the CBT work in OCD treatment.

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