Existential OCD

OCD Subtype

What is Existential OCD?

Existential OCD is often called ‘philosophical OCD.’ This subtype of OCD focuses on distressing obsessions with existential themes causing OCD sufferers to chase answers to questions that do not have definite answers or resolutions. Content around the meaning of life, spirituality, ones’ purpose, life, and death are common. These individuals can be very rigid and spend lots of time looking for concrete answers to life’s complex questions. Their OCD brain finds it challenging to accept not knowing the answers and moving forward in life despite these uncertainties. This subtype of OCD can affect one’s mood because it is centered around the persons existence.
Existential OCD

Common Obsessions

  • What if I am not real?
  • What if this world is not real?
  • What if this is simulation?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What if there is no God or after life?

Existential OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Self-reassurance about their fears
  • Seeking reassurance from others
  • Checking behaviors
  • Checking to make sure they are physically here
  • Researching
  • Constant rumination about past events and trying to find the meaning of things
  • Avoiding or compulsively watching tv shows around philosophical topics

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