Checking OCD

OCD Subtype

What is Checking OCD?

Checking OCD is one of the most common subtypes of OCD and one we see often at CalmOCD. Those struggling with Checking OCD experience intrusive thoughts, fears, or concerns (obsessions) causing them extreme doubt and uncertainty that items are not in safe place, lights or appliances were left on, doors were not closed, emails or text messages were written with errors, etc. OCD sufferers then feel the need to perform compulsive behaviors to check and make sure everything is okay and no harm will occur.
Checking OCD

Common Obsessions

  • Fear of accidently leaving the stove or oven on
  • Checking one’s memory to verify whether a thought is just a thought and not a memory
  • Fear of not having locked their doors (cars, home, pet gates)
  • Fear of losing one’s personal items
  • Fear of accidently leaving water faucets on
  • Fear of having written a text message or email incorrectly or inappropriately
  • Fear of leaving windows open or down
  • Fear of saying the wrong thing

Checking OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Repeatedly checking one’s stove or appliances to ensure they weren’t left on
  • Repeatedly reassuring themselves or receiving reassurance from others about their fears
  • Having others check for them
  • Ruminating (problem solving) to ensure they shut off or checked things correctly
  • Repeatedly checking the locks in one’s home, car, and/or room
  • Repeatedly checking to ensure one’s personal items are still with them
  • Repeatedly checking water faucets to make sure they are off
  • Taking a photo to ensure they in fact locked/shut off/ or sent something correctly

These checking behaviors will get worse overtime. OCD sufferers learn that no amount of checking is ever enough. The person will start using different compulsions and methods to check. People with checking OCD are often late to work due to the amount of time they are spending checking.

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