Meet The Staff


Our therapists at CalmOCD have a combined 46 years of experience as licensed mental health therapists bringing their own education, training, and expertise to make our practice what it is today.

Our therapists have provided therapeutic services throughout their careers in several different states and with various populations, settings, and mental health disorders. All these experiences have helped our clinicians learn how to treat the whole person, not just our patient's anxiety disorder.

Each therapist starting at CalmOCD completes three months of training with our CalmOCD director to ensure all clinicians feel confident in treating anxiety disorders with evidence-based treatment. Therapists engage in weekly continued education, training, and case consultations to collaborate and share ideas. We commit to continue expanding our expertise to grow as clinicians and enjoy attending the annual International OCD Foundation conference each year to learn from other specialists in the field.

We look forward to being a part of your recovery!