False Memory OCD

OCD Subtype

What is False Memory OCD?

False memory OCD is a subtype of OCD where the individual experiences intrusive thoughts making them doubt a past event. These fears typically surround doubts they did something wrong. The fears feel very real, and the OCD sufferer feels compelled to participate in compulsions in search of relief. Individuals with this subtype perform compulsions to gain certainty around the memory. People experience guilt and shame around these memories because most of the time the fears surround topics such as stealing or harm to others.
False Memory OCD

Common Obsessions

  • Fear of having done something immoral
  • Fear of harming another physically or mentally
  • Fear of sexually assaulting someone
  • Fear of being responsible for something terrible happening
  • Fear of not remembering an event accurately
  • Fear of forgetting an event
  • Fear of stealing

False Memory OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Mentally reviewing the past
  • Mentally reviewing a specific experience trying to gain clarity to exactly what occurred
  • Asking others details about the experience
  • Reassuring themselves they are not capable of doing what they fear
  • Using rational and logic to try and convince themselves they did not harm someone
  • Asking others for reassurance they are not capable of these actions
  • Going back to place or a person and looking for more evidence of the memory
  • Confessing thoughts to others
  • Creating an alternative memory that feels safer

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