Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD

OCD Subtype

What is Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD?

In this OCD subtype, individuals experience unwanted sexual intrusive thoughts causing immense fear, anxiety, disgust, shame, and guilt. Sexual intrusive thoughts can be around rape, incest, pedophilia perversion, etc., These sexual obsessions are not pleasurable, and OCD sufferers badly want them to go away. Because of the nature of these thoughts’ individuals fear seeking treatment due to judgment or fear of being reported. At CalmOCD we welcome all with this subtype with no judgment and understand how much courage it takes to discuss these types of obsessions.
Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD

Common Obsessions

  • Extreme fear of being attracted to a family member, animal, dead/inanimate objects, or children
  • Intense fear of committing a sexually heinous act
  • Extreme fear of becoming violent during sex
  • Intrusive thoughts or images about distressing sexual acts with undesirable entities, such as children or animals
  • Fear of being a pedophile or becoming one in the future

Sexual Intrusive Thoughts OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Avoiding situations where they may interact or encounter a subject of their intrusive thoughts
  • Reassuring themselves they are not capable of these types of sexual acts and are a good person  
  • Replacing unacceptable sexual thoughts with acceptable sexual thoughts
  • Avoiding sex so they do not harm their partner
  • Mentally reviewing past sexual behaviors for signs of perversion
  • Checking for genital arousal when encountering or interacting with the subject of their obsessions
  • Watching porn to validate they have a certain sexual preference
  • Asking for reassurance from loved ones that they are good people and not capable of these things
  • Avoiding any music or tv shows that may trigger these fears more

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