Contamination OCD

OCD Subtype

What is Contamination OCD?

Contamination OCD is what society often thinks of when they hear about obsessive - compulsive disorder. This type of OCD can lead a person to have fears around being contaminated, which then causes their brains to develop compulsive behaviors to cope with the anxiety.
Contamination OCD

Common Obsessions

  • An extreme fear dirt and germs
  • Sticky residues, grease, or oil
  • Obsessive fears about HIV, blood, cancer, bodily fluids, feces, semen, urine
  • Extreme fear of being coughed or sneezed on
  • Fear of wearing clothes that may have contaminants
  • Fears of spreading contaminants around house, car, personal belongings, bedroom, to their loved ones, strangers, or children
  • Fears that certain people are contaminated

Contamination OCD

Common Compulsions

  • Repeatedly washing and cleaning oneself (washing hands, disinfecting, using hand sanitizers, showering, or bathing)
  • Having loved ones also take part in their own cleaning to ensure safety
  • Excessive cleaning
  • Avoiding public spaces or when in public take measures to reduce risk like wearing gloves
  • Avoiding touching of other people
  • Changing clothes frequently, discarding clothes or other items that have become “contaminated”
  • Seeking reassurance, they have not been “contaminated”

Those with Contamination OCD know there is no amount of cleaning, washing, reassurance seeking, or avoidance that is ever enough for the OCD brain. Despite this, they continue to do compulsions (before engaging in treatment) as they feel prisoners to their OCD brain and its compulsive demands.

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