Inference-based CBT

What Is I-CBT?

Inference Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (I-CBT) is a well-established and evidence-based treatment for OCD, backed by over 25 years of research.

Widely utilized globally, its popularity is steadily increasing in the United States. I-CBT is a great alternative for OCD sufferers who have tried Exposure-Response Prevention treatment and are still struggling with managing their OCD symptoms. Or for those who prefer an alternative path to treatment that does not include exposures.
The model

I-CBT aims to empower individuals by focusing on understanding and resolving what I-CBT believes to be the root cause of their obsessions; the Obsessional Reasoning Process or Inferential Confusion.

The overarching objective is to guide clients in dismantling their OCD narratives, resolving doubts, restoring trust in themselves, and naturally diminishing compulsive behaviors. I-CBT does not involve exposures and instead provides a unique alternative for those seeking a comprehensive and effective "upstream" approach to manage and overcome their OCD.

After individuals grasp the workings of their faulty reasoning process, they are taught techniques to restore confidence in themselves, and rebuild trust in their own perception and judgment.

By shifting focus to their sensory experiences, they learn to anchor themselves in the immediate reality, effortlessly dismissing the obsessional reasoning errors that originally filled their narrative. This reliance on sensory trust serves as a foundational element of I-CBT, empowering individuals to independently disentangle from their obsessional stories and regain mastery over their lives.

Living with OCD is sort of like trusting our doubt and doubting our reality. I-CBT helps us trust our reality and doubt our doubt.”

– Theresa Chiu, LICSW, Olympic OCD

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