Just Right OCD/Perfectionism

OCD Subtype

What is Just Right OCD?

Just Right OCD is a subtype with intrusive thoughts and compulsive themes centered around organization, perfection, symmetry, exactness, and how something feels. These OCD sufferers feel an intense need to make things “just right.” This may be centered around parts of their body, breathing a certain way, arranging items in a distinct way, having words and sentences sound a certain way, walking evenly or doing an action a certain number of times until it feels right. If the person does not complete their compulsive behaviors, it feels unsettling and as if something is not correct.
Just Right OCD/Perfectionism

Common Obsessions

  • Fear if compulsion is not performed something bad will happen (magical thinking)
  • Fear if compulsion is not performed their anxiety will never go down
  • Fear if compulsion is not performed, they will feel off
  • Fear of judgment from others if things are not done perfectly
Just Right OCD/Perfectionism

Common Compulsions

  • Turning on and off the lights repeatedly
  • Arranging food in a particular order
  • Dressing and re-dressing to make things look perfect
  • If one side of the body is bumped the other needs to be as well
  • Walking in a way to avoid stepping on certain floors or carpets
  • Picking up and putting down items until they feel right
  • Erasing and re-writing things/typing and re-typing
  • Evenness when doing a task such as texting, writing, or typing
  • Needing to have certain words or images in mind during these actions
  • Speaking in a certain manner
  • Hyperfocus on aspects of appearance so they are constantly fixing and adjusting
  • Reassuring self and asking others for reassurance to ensure things are even and everything is okay

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