Family and Couples Outpatient Sessions

Whether the patient participates in single outpatient sessions or part of our intensive track, our OCD and anxiety specialists help support families throughout their treatment.

Families will receive in-depth education on how OCD/anxiety operates for the individual suffering and how this impacts the entire family system. CalmOCD will help family members and significant others gain insight into how they are participating in their loved ones OCD/anxiety cycle and how this is feeding the OCD and making it stronger. Families learn this may alleviate some distress in the short term but creates a much bigger problem.


CalmOCD will help families devise a plan to respond to their loved ones in a supportive way without participating in their OCD.

Families must learn to embrace anxiety and realize the most helpful and loving thing they can do for the OCD sufferer is to no longer participate in their illness. Once family members take a step back, the patient can implement their therapy skills and learn to face their anxiety and build their own confidence.


Family work is an integral piece of the intensive program at CalmOCD.

Family sessions are especially critical for adolescent and teen patients. To set the patient up for the best possible success in treatment, CalmOCD is a firm believer we must also train the parents in learning the treatment too. We often tell families they will have to work just as hard making adjustments in their lives as their child/teen will in treatment. CalmOCD will schedule parent and family sessions to ensure families feel supported and confident in helping their child manage their symptoms outside of therapy sessions.


Specifically, they will learn:

  • How to respond to the OCD sufferer when they seek reassurance
  • How to respond when they are asking continuous questions
  • The difference between supporting the OCD sufferer and participating in their OCD
  • How to respond when they are asked to do a ritual or help the OCD sufferer avoid something they do not want to do
  • If this is a child suffering from OCD, the therapist will need to work with all parents to ensure everyone's treatment goals are aligned and are responding similarly to the child
  • How to help their loved ones when they slip back into doing compulsive behaviors again
  • Helping family members to normalize anxiety and conquering hard things
  • Assisting family members in their terminology and how they refer to OCD and anxiety
  • Making exposure work fun, effective, and collaborative! And many more!

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