Pure O

OCD Subtype

What is Pure O?

Pure O stands for ‘purely obsessional.’ This subtype of OCD consists of a person experiencing distressing intrusive thoughts without external compulsions such as checking, washing, or counting out loud. The difference in this subtype is most or all the compulsions are inward (mental). Often their loved ones are not aware of their suffering because they are not physically seeing them do compulsive behaviors.
Pure O

Common Obsessions

Pure O

Common Compulsions

  • Mental reviewing: OCD sufferers will mentally review to reduce anxiety levels associated with their fears. They may review past events to ensure they did not act inappropriately and cause harm to others for example.
  • Self-reassurance: Individuals may constantly reassure themselves their feared outcomes have not come true or will not come true. This provides them with temporary relief until they must perform another compulsion.
  • Replacing distressing thoughts and images to ones that offer more relief
  • Repeating comforting phrases, mantras, or counting to themselves
  • Using rational and logic to convince themselves their feared outcome will not happen
  • Praying for thoughts to go away or for the fear to not be real

Pure O can take on many different forms and can be centered around any theme. Some examples include harm, relationships, sexuality, religious, and pedophillia.  

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