Therapeutic Goals Group

CalmOCD currently has an adult OCD therapeutic goals group for ages 18 and up that meets once a month.

Group is offered in-person group and virtually and runs for 90 minutes. Two CalmOCD specialists facilitate group topics directed around creating meaningful change.


The group experiences offer many advantages to patients in their OCD treatment.

Since many OCD sufferers feel alone in their journey, a group provides a safe space where individuals can come together in a room where others know exactly what they are going through.


Some advantages include:

  • Group members offer different experiences that may help someone develop insight into their own lives
  • Accountability in following through with challenging things
  • Offering ideas on how to improve difficult situations
  • Meeting group members that are at different stages of their OCD healing
  • Group can be helpful for people just starting in OCD treatment while also those who are in the maintenance phase of treatment
  • Providing a compassionate/non-judgmental space

Common group topics included in 2023:

  • Relationships and OCD
  • Finding gratitude in OCD treatment
  • Motivation and willingness to treatment
  • Navigating guilt and shame in OCD treatment
  • Perfectionism/people pleasing/boundary setting
  • Finding humor in OCD treatment
  • Discovering self-compassion in treatment
  • Choosing a values-driven life
  • Learning to have a different relationship with anxiety/OCD
Each group session concludes with participants setting specific goals for themselves and is reviewed the following month.

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