Homosexual OCD (hOCD)

OCD Subtype

What is Homosexual OCD (hOCD)?

Homosexual OCD (hOCD) causes someone to doubt their own sexual orientation leaving them questioning whether they are attracted to the same sex. People who have always identified as heterosexual fear their identity has changed or will in the future. This subtype creates lots of anxiety as the person starts to ruminate about their entire life trying to find answers to whether they are in fact attracted to the same gender.
Homosexual OCD (hOCD)

Common Obsessions

  • Persistent fears of being gay or becoming gay
  • Unwanted sexual thoughts and images about persons of the same sex
  • Fear of accidentally flirting with the same gender
  • Fear of being physically attracted to the same gender
  • Fear of having to develop a new identity and let family and friends know they are gay

Homosexual OCD (hOCD)

Common Compulsions

  • Avoiding triggering situations (interacting with either heterosexual/gay people)
  • Avoiding looking at attractive people of the same gender
  • Constantly reassuring oneself or seeking reassurance from others about their sexual orientation
  • Checking to see if they are attracted to the opposite sex
  • Checking for physical arousal
  • Watching porn to test their response
  • Having sex to “test” what gender they are attracted to
  • Avoiding having sex due to fears they will not be attracted to their partner anymore or avoiding sex due to fears of getting intrusive sexual thoughts during intimacy
  • Repressing unwanted thoughts and images
  • Repeating an action because they fear it was done in a way to portray they are gay (ex. A heterosexual man making sure he is not coming off as feminine when he walks, talks, the way he dresses, etc.).

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